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Jul 27, 2016

This week's podcast features Jonathan Plum, a musical legend from the Seattle music scene.  Self taught and a self starter, Jonathan climbed the local ranks of the Seattle music scene at the height of its popularity to ultimately become the right hand of one of Seattle's legendary producers. In the process of that experience, Jonathan met and recorded some of the most important musical works of our generation. Eventually, Jonathan found his way to the ownership role of London Bridge Studios after the Parashar brothers decided to retire. Since then, Jonathan has partnered up and continues to produce incredible new talent for the world to discover. Whether it's talking about stories of the recording experiences of 'Seattle sound' bands, or discussing the dynamics of being in a band, Jonathan has a voice of authority and experience.

So, dig in because this podcast was particularly enjoyable to create. Oh yeah... Jonathan recorded my band in 1999 and hired me for a number of productions over the last 20 years as well, so I definitely lobby hard for the guy. Check it out because he's great!

0:00 Rob talks way too much for 5 minutes or so. Plum intro.
6:00 100hz shelf on my badboy mixer. I don't know what a low cut is.
6:54 Shure SM7, the classic radio microphone. So jealous. How Plum and I met. Tyler and Ryan Rygmyr. Dave Dayton. Openheart. Tim Forsander. Johnny Low. Swerve. Demos at London Bridge. Deal with Arista records. Top 40. Country songs. Run run run. Twins. Great bands implode. Recording in Jonathan's basement. Green Lake, Seattle. Rick Parashar.
10:00 Self destructed. Kuma and Kumasound. Bre Loughlin. Gary Cooper. Emo and electronica. Pink Floyd dynamic. Opposing viewpoints. Lennon and McCartney.
13:00 Jonathan, the walking musical epic. Wealth of material. Blind Melon. Pearl Jam. Alice in Chains. Candlebox. Temple of the Dog. All music. Studio intro.
14:05 How Jonathan got into the business. Hannukah and Yom Kippur! RAIL, the band. Seattle history and teaching at Triad Studios.
15:50 Tascam and overdubbing. Learning on a 4 track. Jonathan recording like the Beatles. Techniques of recording. Passion at a very young age. Amazing parents. Music Source. Peter referred to London Bridge.
19:50 Drum tones at London Bridge. Rick Parashar hired Jonathan. Gave him keys to studio. On the job training. Pearl Jam reels. Practiced mixing.
22:35 Back in 1992 you had to record at a studio. No home demos.
23:30 Sweaty Nipples. Pride and Glory. Zakk Wylde. Not like in the LA studios.
28:20 Jonathan started producing his own stuff. Fighting Machinists. Interscope records. Seagrams. Big indie labels bought by corporate entities. Brandi Carlile. Rick passed away from a blood clot in 2014.
30:00 Jonathan is the musical equivalent of Jimmy Fallon. He got his own SNL. Dream come true. 18 year old blown away.
31:00 What it was like to record Blind Melon. Shannon Hoon. Hippy Jam. Mississippi. Guns and Roses. Radio hits. Cool stuff. "No Rain." Jonathan did the finger snaps on No Rain. Platinum record. Producing.
33:50 Seattle movement. Starstruck. Nerves. Surreal to spend time with them.
36:00 London Bridge room. Secret ingredient is the Neve console. And the room! Kickstarter to save the board. 24 track 2 inch Studer reel to reel. What has happened to the music industry in general. Music is devalued.
41:00 Professional records. Labels don't front to small bands.
44:40 Jonathan and 2 partners buy London Bridge Studio from Rick and Raj Parashar. Jack Endino. Geoff Ott. Eric Lilavois. Robert Lang studios.
48:40 Staving off the inevitable. Is the studio world dead? The drum tones!!
Natural resonance. Musical studio.
50:00 What's next with LBS? Passion and the difficulties of the current state of
the industry. 52 x 52. Legacy and love. Careers in the music. Jonathan still feels like a kid. Grateful for the business and opportunities. Flexible and foolish.
55:45 Does Jonathan travel to other studios to produce?
56:00 Favorite records Jonathan loved doing. Blind Melon. Captain Howdy.
RKNDY. Green Apple Quickstep. Love Battery. Love Brother Nine. Jonathan forgets who he's working with. Mary Lambert. Macklemore. Ethyl. Intangibles.
1:00:00 What's Jonathan Plum and London Bridge looking for? Engraved in the plaque of the Neve board. London Bridge isn't the most expensive place in town. Quality and capability. Rafe Pearlman. Dust and Gold. Jonathan gave me a free CD!

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