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May 14, 2017

I was honored to meet Martin years ago at a private event for a well known international author and newspaper columnist.  At that meeting, I was able to partake of his great wines, only then discovering that his company, SOZO Wines, does something remarkable.  SOZO donates a significant portion of its profits to help those that cannot help themselves.  Whether we are talking about homelessness, sex trafficking or the like, SOZO is there little by little to make its mark.  In fact, if you buy his wines, you can pick where you want your non-profit dollars to go.  That said, this is no cheap wine, so don't be fooled.  This is the real McCoy and I found his story reflects my own ambitions regarding business and the development of something "important."

Even if you aren't fascinated with wine, or couldn't care less about homelessness, I believe you will love this fact, I guarantee it. Be willing to learn something today and see how you can impact your own little corner of the world.

So....Dig in and enjoy!

0:00 Intro to Martin
1:30 Gnomes. What SOZO is doing?
6:00 Martin's history.
9:20 Perverted justice.
14:50 His old winery. Head to Oregon wine country. Pinot!
16:50 Proceeds can feed kids. To save one from perishing!
24:10 Meeting needs.
30:00 Freezing people leaning into Truth!
32:40 Called to fund others. Insincerity?
36:30 Born in America. Receiving love. Not the SOURCE.
41:50 Legacy.
48:00 People operate path of least resistance.
51:20 Blind taste tests. Ratings in wine. California wines are jammy.
54:05 Uncle Rob needed to pee.
59:50 Washington Wines vs. Champagne.
1:02:40 How is wine made today? Different?
1:08:10 Glut is high for great fruit. So so much!
1:11:20 Bolstering the market?
1:15:10 Great winemakers produce consistency.
1:17:20 World Changers.
1:29:00 First steps to working with Martin.
1:34:30 Martin is a good cook.

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