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Feb 19, 2017

Wow.... glad to be back to share this amazing interview with one of my favorite musicians, the incomparable Diego Tejeida from the monstrously talented progressive rock band, Haken.  Haken hails from London and Diego hails from Mexico.  How did these 2 superpowers collide?  Listen to the podcast and find out!

Make sure you listen to the whole thing because we met in an odd (and probably not that unique) way.  That said, I love this guy.  He's so kind, gentle, lovely and talented, I cannot contain myself.  Make sure you check out the links below to find out more about Diego, Haken and the subscription links to hear more podcasts like this one.  We are Rockstar Superhero!

Haken's website

Deigo's Facebook Fan Page

Haken on Myspace(!)

Darkest Light by Haken (Rob's favorite)





1:08 Intro
2:00 Seeing Haken at El Corazon. Tea. London. How Rob discovered the band
on Youtube. Mistaken identities.
5:30 Meeting your heroes in the bathroom. Going to London. Accents.
8:00 Rachmaninoff. Prelude in C# Minor. Piano stores. Van Cliburn. Yamaha
Disclaviers. Expressive music. Mozart. Heavy metal. Attitude. Nirvana.
13:00 Compelling music. Darkest Light. Soundscapes.
18:45 Diego is a walking sequencer. Creating music that offsets the mood.
Endless Knot. Dubstep. Allan Holdsworth. 1978 UK.
23:40 Travelling with gear. Headaches. Travel rig. Roland. Laptop. Macbook.
24:10 KEYTAR! The star of the night.
27:00 Loving performing. Stage presence. Djent prog.
31:00 Being happy on stage. Babymetal. Bubblegum.
36:00 Personal lyrics. Affinity.
38:50 Lyrics from Endless Knot. Trump. A hero to prevail.
40:30 Diego's biggest influences. Eno. Philip Glass. Infected Mushroom.
Perfect Circle.
44:00 The progressive trifecta. Rush, Kansas, ELP. Twang.
48:00 Cruise to the Edge. Shattered Fortress. Mike Portnoy.
53:00 Auditioning for Haken was weird.
58:00 Growing up in rural Mexico.
58:45 Fascination with Psychology. Looking for status.
1:03:00 Growing up rural, getting to the city. Going back. Mexico City is
massive. Mental traffic.
1:10:00 Sleeping standing up on the train. Teaching and writing jingles.
1:15:00 Diego loves to cook.
1:19:30 17 (or so) questions. Diego is a superhero.
1:29:20 Find out more about Haken and Diego. We bonded over urination.
1:31:24 THE ENDLESS KNOT (Haken)


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