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Jan 23, 2017

After a long hiatus for the RSSH Podcast, I was finally able to get in touch with a legendary producer and songwriter to start off 2017 right! Check it out!

This week's podcast features Jem Godfrey, the leader, keyboardist, singer and songwriter for Frost. He has served as a producer for the well known English bands Atomic Kitten and Morcheeba and has acted as a song writer for iconic performers Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) Jennifer Ellison, Shayne Ward, and Holly Valance. He has toured with his own bands as well as Mike Keneally and Joe Satriani. His legendary status is well earned.

Check out Frost here!

Definitely go out and buy their music. What incredible talents they are! Enjoy the show!

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0:00 Intro
2:18 Jem Godfrey Intro. Youtube and Frost. Signs. Falling Satellites. Music from the UK. United States music business. Progressive Rock.
4:30 How Frost came about. Pop songwriting. Producing. Musically frustrating. Myspace. Subversion and capes. John Mitchell. Andy Edwards.
7:45 Was Frost a project of many or the focus from the beginning?
10:00 Frost is lovable. Four normal guys. Being a chubby rockstar.
12:00 Growing up in Progressive rock era. Wearing capes.
14:00 Non-traditional songwriters and looks. ELP. Bombast. Queen and the wink.
16:20 Cruise To The Edge: CTTE. Yes. Kansas. Haken. Sunburns. Hocus Pocus.
20:20 Chapman Stick. Peter Gabriel. King Crimson. Discipline and Frost's "Numbers."
21:00 Being a legend by 30. John Lennon. Jem in radio.
23:00 Not really a musical family. OMD. Synth pop. Endorsements. Keytar. ARP Quadra.
26:20 The Rockfield Files. The ironing board.
28:00 Being a professional musician. Owning businesses and being an Preparing Falling Satellites.
33:30 Jem doesn't like gigging. Wants to record and produce. Rob wants to sit in.
35:40 Rob's version of 20 questions. Jem doesn't play fair.
38:00 Jem is shameless. Learning Italian. Asking favors.
40:00 Frost: Signs.

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