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Sep 15, 2016

This week's podcast features Seattle legend, Scott 'Junior' Adams of the session musician hall of fame.  Saxophone player extraordinaire and killer dude, Scott has played with many many many well known musicians and icons.  He toured with Ann Wilson during her mid 90's solo years and became the man of hour.  He's the kind of guy that can tell you the musicians he HASN'T played with, not played with, recorded with, shared a stage with, etc.  He's astounding and a great friend.

I hope you dig it, because man.... did we have a lot of fun, or what?

Scott's Twitter Account
Spike & The Impalers

0:00 Intro
2:45 Scott and Rob are dumbstruck. Scared. Nothing to talk about. King
Junior, Scott and Rob's BIG 11 piece band. Swearing in church. Rehearsals.
Black Sabbath. Tower of Power. Living Colour. Brecker Brothers. Jason
Mraz. Rob ruined everything moving to Japan.
8:45 Scott and Rob met via legendary producer Matt Shaw. Type A. Eccentric
trombone player. Stolen Ogre and Amateur Lovers. Seattle 1997. Steve Vai.
Yngwie Malmsteen. Toyota.
13:30 Being precise. Kaizen. Continuous improvement. Nirvana. Making
money as a professional musician. Record deals. Blaming Nickelback.
Swerve 2000. Suicide. Rick Parashar.
25:00 Support from your parents. 78rpm. Greensleeves.
29:45 Molasses. Original disco funk in Seattle. Bad timing.
33:00 Failing to finish college Moving to Korea.
38:30 Being American in Asia. They LOVE us over there. Why?
42:30 Yellow Fever! Babymetal.
46:00 Meeting Matt Shaw. Life changes forever. Signing me on the dotted
50:00 Blues Revue. Great times in great bands. Layne Staley. Heroin. Bad
times. NAF productions.
1:00:00 Michael Sweet with Stryper. Kenny Aronoff. Rob didn't qualify. Scott
Olsen. Apollo Creed.
1:02:00 Playing with Ann Wilson of Heart. Even it up. Tower of Power. Playing
with USNavy musicians. Stage fright! 18,000 people. Bumbershoot. Tension.
Touring. VH1 'fairway to heaven.'
1:15:20 Stolen Ogre. Lovemongers. How Rob and Scott met. EMP.
1:19:20 Having fun at work. You gotta work. Live with joy. Focus on mindset.
Do what you love and go for it. Go all in.
1:30:20 Rob blows Scott out of the water, and Scott needs to pee.
1:31:17 BREAK TIME
1:31:38 Scott's 'story.'
1:53:20 Drugs suck. Working construction. Getting back.
1:54:30 Saw Shining (NOR) in Seattle. The best band live ever. Hands down.
Jørgen Munkeby. Dream to play in Shining. Rob would move to Norway
tomorrow. The wife agrees. Jørgen working on new album. Going to Los
Angeles. Buying food to be friends with famous people.
1:58:30 You are who you hang out with. Your 5 closest friends. Acquaintances.
97/3 rule.
2:01:01 The Penny Game. Rick Knotts. Session musicians you'll never know. A
cautionary tale.
2:06:34 The Psychological Spark. Being pulled back by the scruff. God is
2:07:20 Thanks all around.

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