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Oct 5, 2016

This week's podcast features Sean Flaharty, the director of Eyes of Freedom: The Lima Company Memorial.  Sean's story isn't unique, but it is profound.  His life took a dramatic and unexpected turn in 2005, when his friend from childhood died in the deserts of Iraq, along with 22 other men.  At first, Sean was determined to enlist and join his brothers in arms overseas, but fate dealt a different hand.  Sean would take the "story" of those lost in battle overseas to the masses.  Having seen the Lima Memorial in Seattle in 2014, I can attest to it's profound nature and power.  It's an amazing experience to behold and all should witness its impact.  Sean shares other tidbits of life experienced and almost lost amongst potentially poor decisions.  All I know is I'm thrilled he had time for me to spend 2 hours of tangential bliss.  Be warned.... we talk about Black Lives matter as well.  I am not shy about my thoughts, but I love people. Always!  

Take care and dig in.  It's a good thing.

0:00 Intro
7:25 Rob's in the garage. Furnaces.
8:25 Rob's son had second degree burns. Suing Seattle. Rob's a pansy. Lawsuits.
13:00 Rollercoasters. Travel Channel. TLC. Holiday World. Vacations.
14:40 Leprous. Norwegian. Shining. Blackjazz. Midge Ure. Ultravox.
18:40 Sean's new life. Festivals.
21:00 Lack of education. Military service.
23:50 Unintentional racism in the service.
28:20 The Eyes of Freedom.
42:00 Rob's humor and heart.
50:00 Sean's focus on work and experiences.
53:50 Rob discusses his father's death again.
56:30 The key to success!
1:03:30 Sean's doing what he's supposed to. Thinking with your heart. Surviving 'death.'
1:05:00 Mike Mangini. Dream Theater. Marriage partners.
1:09:40 Not a job. A duty.
1:12:00 The difference between 9/11 and Lima Company. Dying for an ideal.
1:15:00 White privilege. Black lives matter. PEOPLE MATTER. Conservatives vs. Liberals. Abortion and the death penalty.
1:20:00 Touring Eyes of Freedom. Lots of travel.
1:25:00 Pop Evil. Stage shows.
1:30:08 We are on the same level. Net worth. Feeling less than. Intangibles.
1:32:00 RSI and why Rob has Rockstar Go all in. Drumming.
1:35:00 Authenticity.
1:37:00 What doesn't Sean do well? Hiring your weaknesses. Rob sucks at doing the right thing.
1:45:00 Sean gets aggravated. Goes home to sleep. Needs to release frustrations. Heavy vs. New Age.
1:48:10 Twelve Foot Ninja. One Hand Killing.
1:51:00 Twins are amazing and torturous.
1:52:50 The Big Short. It still happens. Money is made in the inverse. If you're jumping in, you're too late.
1:55:20 Rob believes in perfection.
2:00:00 Incremental growth. Organic growth. Patience.
2:04:20 Hearing from people about your "purpose."
2:08:00 Lucid dreaming. Devin Townsend. Lacuna Coil. Al Jorgensen. Ministry.
2:09:40 Important work.
2:11:25 High Highs "Open Season"

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