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Aug 30, 2016

This week's podcast is with the amazing Ryan Van Poederooyen (RVP) of the Devin Townsend Project.  DTP is a well known hard rock/heavy metal/progressive band from Vancouver, Canada and lead by the legend Devin Townsend.  To be drumming in such a band requires great skill and musicality and Ryan has it in spades. The podcast digs into the new record due to be released in September of 2016, as well as a bit of life history for Ryan, including the influence his parents had on his life, and the legacy he intends on leaving by being a multifaceted businessman and musician.  He's the real deal and I was extra extra extra happy that he gave me an hour right before he heads out on tour.  Dig in and enjoy!

0:00 Intro
4:40 Ryan apologizes
6:15 Be yourself. Judy Garland. Focus. Be first rate. Don't compete with others. Be you.
8:00 Being Canadian. Becoming Japanese. America isn't what everyone thinks. North Carolina. Beer is cheap or expensive depending on where we are.
10:00 Ryan is easy..... going. Loves coffee and collectibles. Starbucks cups around the world. Loves Budapest.
12:00 Ryan plays Kingdom. Strapping Young Lad. Love. Live in Chile. Royal Albert Hall.
14:00 Devin's vision. What it's like to be in the Devin Townsend Project.
16:25 Transcendence. Ryan's addition to the new album. September 9th release date? Putting that album together. Who contributed what? Gump!
20:00 DTP isn't a band in the traditional sense. Shining. Jorgen Munkeby. Cohesion. Hard to be in band. Marriage.
24:00 Ryan's history. Drumming and how he ended up with DTP. Being diverse. Gene Hoglan. Ryan didn't like SYL at all. Terry Bozzio loves Rob!
29:00 Being lean as a drummer. Fat burning all the time.
30:40 Ryan's wife calls.


31:36 ....and we're back. Skype. Iphones. Ryan's love for the little lady.
33:00 Being married and in a band. Commitment.
36:15 Being really good at music and focus on drumming. Positivity. Fitness.
Business. Being diverse. 100% Ryan's parents. Dad was in music biz.
42:00 Parents job is to push, to teach, to remind that failure is IMPORTANT.
45:50 The fart tape. So gross. So so so gross.
48:30 The new song, Failure. The middle section is completely La Villa Strangiato. So cool. Rush and Neil Peart. Ghost Rider. Styx. REO
Speedwagon. Meeting Neil at a portapotty. Taking it all in. Rob is disgusting.
52:00 Hard drumming! Love and Detox: Two SYL songs. Recording live. Planet of the Apes is a TOUGH tune. 11 minutes of epicness. Dick from Meshuggah (of all bands) doesn't understand how anyone can memorize 11 minutes of changes. Kirk Verbueren. Megadeth.
57:30 Ryan's drumming and evolution of style. Ziltoid. Every song sounds like Ryan now. Pocket and singularity.
1:00:00 Joining Devin. Accellerated Evolution. Synchestra. Addicted. Universe in a Ball. Drum solos. Learning all the songs. Writing together. Nolly and his amazing engineering style. Devin can muddy things up. Epicloud. Rob loves Where We Belong.
1:06:00 Finally a band. Writing credits. Grace. Australia.
1:07:25 Playing the same locations. Studio Seven. Showbox Seattle. Rob loves Leprous. Baard Kolstad. Third Law. Tobias Ørnes Anderson. Booking agents.
1:10:15 Terror Syndrome. On haitus.
1:11:11 Ryan is 97% badass at drums and music. His 3%? Can't dance! Golfing. Focus and commitment.
1:14:50 How to same Ryan's name. Anneke does it best. Holland. Dutch accents. See Ryan's links below. See the tour! September to November 2016.

Check out Ryan's site here
Learn more about Devin Townsend here
Ryan's Twitter Page
Ryan's Facebook Page

Hear the new song!

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