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Aug 3, 2016

Eva Silva is the voice and face of the California Hemp Alliance, a non profit trade group acting in proxy for the industrial hemp industry and its possible applications. Eva has lived the life of a serial entrepreneur, writing for various magazines around the world, produced documentaries on hemp and has even earned an Emmy award as a student for her documentary about teenage alcoholics in 1989.

Eva continues to advocate strongly for naturopathic medicine, children's rights, and animal welfare. She continues to model professionally as well. You could say Eva is an incredibly well rounded human being and you'd only be touching the surface.

So, dig in and check out the great conversation with her today!

California Hemp Alliance

Eva's Twitter Account

02:00 Rob is a massive narcissist. Eva still models, freelance. Skype calls Eva is uncomfortable being interviewed. Red Creek Reserve. Consultants.
05:40 Eva's background. Interviews patients and advocates. CBD's. Cannabidiol. Eva is a writer! Metaphors. Lit major in college, no pun intended.
08:00 It's all about the dollar. Internship at ABC San Diego. Morning show. If it leads it bleeds. Still a raw experience. Sexual abuse. Internet frees us. Respect.
14:00 Classmates in college jealous. Crusaders. Idealistic. Single mothers.
15:15 Regret? Friendships. Youth and idealism. Universities. Literature and writing.
16:20 Experiences that changed her world view. Early memories. Eva's father, free spirit. Hippie. Research scientist. First memory at 3 years old. Father grabbed leaf and showed veins to Eva. Hunting and fishing. Indigenous. Sustenance.
18:40 Passion for cannabis industry. Receptors. Like cures like. Remedies. Rob believes in a Creator. We are all connected. Energy. Complexity.
21:00 We are made to put natural products in ourselves. Consumerism.
22:00 Cigarettes are poison. Marijuana seen as bad for us. Lies lies lies. Opium. Rob can't stop talking.
22:47 Dr Bob Melamede. - DNA repair. Cancer.
Born with receptors. Immune system.
26:00 Where did Eva grow up? San Diego.
29:35 Plant science. Edibles.
30:20 Compelled into advocacy by friend's struggle with cancer and by concern over youngest son. Emergency C section. Language processing issues. Musician. Anxiety.
32:05 Conservative freakout! Run away from the podcast!
34:00 Alternatives. Stop being afraid. Rob doesn't understand Cannbis, but believes in value.
36:10 Hemp: no high. CBD products: no high. Marijuana has THC and hybrid strains built for the 'high.'
37:30 Marijuana illegal due to political lobby from paper/newspaper industry. 1938 tax act. Hemp was largest agricultural crop. Used to be government regulated. Rob assumed tax issues. Hearst had lobby power.
42:30 Hempcrete. Takes poisons out of environment. Can build home with it. Carbon neutral. Fire resistant.
45:40 Donald Trump and the Mexican hemp wall.
46:25 Eva is an author. Influences? James Taylor and lyrics. Father read to sister and her. Watership Down. Rabbits.
48:00 Just be a good parent. Be present.
51:40 Kevin Lynch and the Quell Foundation.
53:30 Brains require fat. CBD's need to be absorbed into the body. Stability.
56:00 Mental acuity. P90X. Dehydration. Hemp seeds. 3 to 1 for Omega's. Essential fatty acids. Most nutritious seed in the world. Digestible. Basically, the best thing you can consume.
58:00 Calilfornia Hemp Alliance.
1:00:00 Hemp burns long and hot. Almost a perfect natural resource.
1:01:00 Rob makes Eva uncomfortable for being pretty.
1:05:45 Connection to the sports and entertainment business. Boo Williams from New Orleans Saints. CTE. Athlete's wellness center. Retired NFL players do one thing and then what? Adulation and then nothing. Degenerative tissue. Concussions.
1:12:30 Eddie Vedder is famous because he's on TV, plus he's good. Very good. Easy Street Records. Vinyl. Ticketmaster. Mariners post season. 1995 Kingdome. Eddie's a surfer. Pearl Jam. Intensely private. Love for celebrity.
1:15:20 Eva trying to change the world in her way. Casino tribes. White Plume hemp victory. Pine Ridge Reservation. Unemployment.
1:20:00 Little Big Horn battlefield and monument. Ghosts. Spirit world. Darkest place in the world. Crow Agency a sad little place. Reservations are garbage dumps and people live there. Such sadness.
1:22:30 We learn very little of value in school. No finance. Racism. New math. Common core bullcrap.
1:24:00 Life changers. Advocacy is everything. Do for others. Be a Superhero.
RSI. Rockstar Superhero Institute. Purpose driven. Best of the best. Vistage. Peer advisory groups. Executive coaching. Increase our power.

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