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Jun 25, 2020

When one woman wants to change the way we treat drug addicts and homeless people, Mike Rowe answers the call. Check out this special show with Kristen Zuray of The Trail Youth, a fantastic non profit you will want to support!

Learn more about the Trail Youth here:

1:40 This is awesome.
2:40 Roasting Coffee and the story of our friendship.
4:10 The how and why of Kristen Zuray.
6:00 Growing up in New Hampshire.
11:40 Mindset and Lemonade.
16:40 The purpose of process.
21:10 Teenagers in church.
26:00 Judging others and changing our hearts.
30:00 Caring for the addicts and homeless.
35:00 God's scavenger hunt.
40:00 Being all in.
45:00 Getting lucky?
48:20 Phone calls from NY.
51:40 Mold issues and grants.
52:40 Something bigger going on. Mike Rowe.
1:02:00 No entitlement here. Giving back.
1:06:00 When you don't know, you still go.
1:11:00 Challenging times.
1:17:50 All are welcome. Agape Love.

Music provided and copy written by Ethyl of Seattle (song written by Lesnefsky, Chang, and Jones) - 2003.

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