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Apr 6, 2018

This week (or should I say YEAR?) on the show, I had the blessing of speaking to the soap opera legend, Ian Buchanan and wow... what fun that was.  I was incredibly intimidated, possibly because I also realized I was speaking with Dick Tremayne from the early 90's ABC show, Twin Peaks. Who can't submit to the legendary smile and charms of everyone's favorite Dick?

Between his career in modeling, to the many times he's shifted from soap opera to soap opera (being killed off, etc), he's created a mythos that's hard to overcome.  

Ian is intently focused on his work currently on The Bold and The Beautiful as well as his desire to support a few different charities benefiting education for the poor as well as a cancer foundation. 

Ian is the real deal, and I'm just so happy to have met him.

I hope you'll enjoy as I stumble through the podcast and thankfully ended well.  That's really all I can say.

Links to Ian's charities are as follows:

Alfalit - Literacy for all

The Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation

0:00 Intro
2:00 Ian in Scotland. Ford Modeling.
3:40 Came to States in the early 80's. Poetry and music.
5:40 Spain in late teens. Japan over the years.
7:45 Color in Ian's life. Dreaming in color. Flowers.
9:00 Television commercials. Changing his accent. Strasberg!
11:50 Foreign observer at the Actor's Studio.
12:20 Method acting and disciplines.
13:55 Being fortunate and occasionally receiving unkind words.
15:30 General Hospital and being overwhelmed.
17:00 Days of our Lives. Bold and Beautiful.
18:45 Discovery for Twin Peaks. Lara Flynn Boyle and Obsession. David Lynch.
20:00 Stumbling across the border. Dick Tremayne is a cad.
21:40 Melancholy and absurd. Favorite characters.
23:20 Dick was a consideration for Season 3. Milan.
25:00 The Daytime Emmy.
27:00 Working on a film short. Reading a script.
29:00 Stage acting.
31:00 Gracious online presence. Moderacy. Forward thinking. Common decency. Supporting rights. Not my business.
34:45 Charities that matter to Ian. Alfalit promotes literacy in third world countries.
39:00 Rob's 17 weird questions. Super powers.
50:00 Ian's photos and selling them online. Getty Images.
52:00 Child's help and abusive situations. Being lovely after all.



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