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Jun 5, 2017

Matt DiRito is everything I ever hoped to be in a grownup.  Handsome, talented, musical, gifted, artistic, brave, and so human.  Matt is the bass player for the massively popular Pop Evil, a rock band with a unique sound, focus, and voice.  

Matt also runs the charity, Star Treatments.  Star Treatments helps critically ill children get transportation support they need to get to hospitals and critical care facilities.  Matt saw the need and took the shot.  It's an amazing charity and I can't wait for you to hear the entire story, so dig in and enjoy.

Star Treatments Website

Pop Evil Website

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Rockstar? Rob offends!
3:00 Becoming the stereotype. Being a grownup.
5:00 Parents. Choices.
7:00 Established band. PopEvil.
8:35 The sweet spot. Songwriting.
11:00 Influenced by jazz. Louis Bellson. Gene Krupa. Miles Coltrane. Jaco Pastorius.
13:00 Rock vs. Jazz. Mr. Big. Billy Sheehan. Victor Wooten.
15:30 Riding rollercoasters.
18:00 Lifestyle of fans. Loving PopEvil. Top 40. Pop sensibility.
21:40 Music as catharsis. Songwriting is painful. Music as a tool.
25:00 Transparency. Rob is speechless.
27:30 Sense of brotherhood.
29:00 A military mindset. Always together.
32:00 Management issues?
34:15 Born in California. Michigan lifestyle. Racism.
37:00 We get one shot. Love others.
39:00 Star Treatments.
48:00 Innocence and losing kids to disease.
51:00 Sponsor Star Treatments!
55:50 Everyone can help in some way.
58:00 Bikers and Veterans.
1:01:30 Be Do Have! Jump off the cliff.
1:06:00 17 Questions. Weirdness.
1:19:00 Empowering others and commit to people. Life changing.
1:22:30 PopEvil - Footsteps


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