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Dec 18, 2016

First and foremost, Happy Holidays from Rockstar Superhero Podcast!

This week's show is one of those 'best moments' for me as an interviewer.  I got to meet someone new to me and make a real connection.  My guest is Thomas Erak of the post hardcore band, The Fall of Troy. What better guest to give to you, my listeners, for this week's show, right?

It's rare that I get to talk to a real rockstar.... what I mean by this is the fact that having a discussion with a very popular musician is usually loaded to the gills with banter about road life, rehearsals, sex, drugs, etc.... those things you always hear when they do any public interviews. It might be salacious, but you've heard it before and you can find it on Wikipedia as well.

I was blessed to have a real discussion with the real guy, and nothing to get in the way of clarity, focus, and transparency.  Again, as I said above, it's so rare. Thomas gave me 2 hours of direct connection, talking about the difficulties of family, relationships, artistry, comedy and love.... yes, love.  

I hope you enjoy this priceless conversation and discover the artist beneath the veneer of stardom.  Thomas is mesmerizing.  



0:00 Intro
3:08 Warnings from father. One of a kind. Authentic trances. Performing.
6:15 Music is serious. Not a hobby.
9:40 Blue note. Caring about the medium. Music didn't change.
12:20 Cleansing the palette. Being underground. Youtube.
14:00 Lauren Hill. Fugees. Grammy. Killing me softly. Roberta Flack.
16:00 Rob had a colonoscopy.
18:00 Being radically different. Thought process. Outside of the box. Primus. Penguin suits.
21:15 Losing loved ones. Parents. Mom is hardcore. Conservative. Family matter. Race. Culture.
29:00 Travelling. What makes it special. Thomas is so interesting.
32:00 Doing the dishes.
38:00 Too many popsicles will kill you.
40:35 Sweden's love for art.
43:00 Live your life like every day is your last.
44:50 In Utero is a pretty album.
46:30 Catalysts.
49:40 Love is all you need.
53:30 Appreciating the art.
55:40 Grateful Dead.
1:00:40 Possum Kingdom
1:06:00 A wild head of hair.
1:06:36 Limblifter, Holly McNarland, 24/7 Spyz
1:12:50 Reading someone's diary.
1:14:00 Comedy is the hardest thing in the world.
1:19:50 Vendetta Red
1:22:30 The Fall of Troy is back. Going all the way in. The Titanic.
1:30:30 What is truly worth it?
1:33:55 Thomas talks love, work, survival.
1:37:50 Grandma speaks the truth about love.
1:40:00 Rob falls in love. Rob is a dumbass.
1:46:00 The definition of love.
1:51:40 She has to be in his life. Weight in the words.
1:57:30 Thomas' favorite show.
2:00:00 Japan is outer space.
2:00:20 Word association.
2:06:50 The Fall of Troy - A Single Word

The use of "A Single Word" by The Fall of Troy is graciously allowed by Thomas Erak and The Fall of Troy. The single can be found on the 2016 release OK.  All rights reserved.

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