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Nov 20, 2016

Check out this week's podcast with Annie Lobert from Hookers for Jesus and Destiny House in Las Vegas, NV.  I thought I knew so much about her, but I was wrong.  I hope you'll listen to this special superhero interview, because her story is redemptive and powerful and one everybody should hear. 

Originally, I had planned to ask her a number of crazy questions, but I only got 30 minutes with her, so I just let her tell what she could with the limited time.  No matter what it was a giant honor.... I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I did. 

Thank God for grace.

0:00 Intro
1:05 In a rush
2:00 From family to the streets. Rebellion. Abuse. Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family.
4:00 Boys and the need for love. Sexual need.
5:30 Money won't make things better. Workoholics. Ladies night.
6:00 Pimps, Hawaii, and strip clubs. 5 years of fear.
6:30 Sex trafficking. Rules of the game. Fear.
7:50 Trickery of the game. Obsessions.
8:20 Next pimp.
9:00 Cancer. Japanese businessman from Hawaii. Race cars. Skyline GTR's. R-32 and R-33.
10:00 Cheating and overdoses. Filling your heart with lies. Cravings. August 2nd.
11:00 Married to Oz Fox. Stryper.
11:20 Hookers for Jesus and Destiny House. Non-profits.
12:45 I am Second. Sex addiction. Molestation. Strongholds. Sins of the father.
14:30 Destiny House and miscarriages. Abortion and pain.
15:45 Helping Annie Lobert.
17:00 The Lord lets you walk to the edge.
17:45 Overcoming the past
19:00 Ruth and Boaz.
20:00 You are not your past.
20:35 Annie is active in Las Vegas outreach. Thanksgiving. Jesus loves you.
21:40 80/20 rule.
22:30 What is Annie bad at? Relaxation. Vacations. Financial Need.
25:00 Seattle chapter? Love and blessings.

Annie's website: Hookers for Jesus

Annie's Twitter Page

Hookers for Jesus Facebook Page

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