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Nov 6, 2016

There are so many unknown musical legends out there, it's sick.  What is always troubling to me is that those same legends rarely get their due, whether it's on a record (I know, because it's happened to me numerous times) or live.  Session guys rarely get the financial reward or the fame.  It's a bummer, but I'm trying to change it a little, in my own small way.  

It's time for you to meet Tom Erak.  A tremendous talent on the bass guitar, Tom tore across the musical landscape in the 1970's and 80's.  He's a stud on his axe and has played with the tops of the tops, on record and live in the studio.  His son, Thomas Erak, has found fame as a guitarist for the mathcore band, Fall of Troy and is currently working with many amazing artists in his own right. 

Long story short, Thomas wouldn't exist as a person or a player without the legend of his father.  Tom Erak is a friend, and I consider him family.  He's a wonderful, one of a kind man, with the best kind of nervous energy. 

Dig in.  You'll be so glad you did!

0:00 Intro
3:25 We're recording. Ladies and gentleman, Tom Erak.
5:55 Amy Winehouse. Where does brilliance come from? Jennifer Holiday. Jennifer Hudson. American Idol.
10:10 DNA is math and chords. Uniqueness.
13:45 Submarines and being smart. Pilots.
16:00 World class musicians. Mindblown.
18:45 Tom is a badass.
22:00 Understanding space in music.
25:00 ADD
27:20 Fall of Troy. Thomas Erak. Kerrang and Alternative Press. Mars Volta.
28:00 The 3 rules of Show business.
34:00 Frank Sinatra. Michael Derosier. George Benson.
36:00 Sexual Healing
38:00 Tom's gotta pee.
41:50 Barry Manilow
55:15 John McEnroe. Universal.
57:00 Heart and John Paul Jones. Denny Carmasi. Jason Bonham.
59:45 Randy Meisner. The Eagles. Take it to the Limit.
1:05:00 Shoveljerk. Greg Hjort. Ben Smith, the drummer. Sessions and worries.
1:09:00 The USNavy music program. Rob must be good. Reading music. Weddings and The Real Book.
1:14:00 Playing for audiences. Loving them with everything you got.
1:18:00 Finding the best of the best. Bullies.
1:20:00 Friends. It's all that matters.

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