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Oct 26, 2016

This week's podcast features my amazing friend from England, Sarah Woodbridge.  Sarah did what most immigrants do when they come to the country.  They travel around, see the sights, find a good job and settle down. 

Sarah did most of that, but a migraine headache and a bad back sent Sarah on a downward spiral of drug addiction which fragmented her life and family.  Yet, Sarah proves that passion, purpose, and hope all provide a path out of the darkness.  Sarah is a perfect example of what it takes to be human and to truly learn from mistakes.  She's a true badass and I'm honored to be her friend. You will be too.  

Dig in!

0:00 Intro
3:25 Sarah's fake Cockney accent. Americans love accents and like we don't have one. Sarah is famous in
the states.
5:16 No idea what Woodbridge means. Coat of Arms.
7:38 Sarah loves people. That awesome accent.
9:25 Rob disturbes his wife's friends.
10:40 Growing up in the UK. Angry family. Abuse. Alcohol.
14:12 Being a bad drunk. Commonplace. Sarah was always talking him down.
16:00 Diagnosis. Believing you're stupid.
18:00 Turning 12 and working. Saving money. Growing up.
19:45 College. Marvelous time. Having a child. Life is tougher than it should be. Floristry.
23:00 Coming to the states. Leading Sarah to 'the story.'
24:18 Sarah's 'story.' Doctors doing the wrong thing. Opiates.
31:12 Jailed. Abuse. Police.
34:00 Lucky to be alive.
36:30 Being clean. Staying clean. Relapses.
38:55 Recovery. What do we do to stay clean. Prayer. Faith. Coffee shop.
41:00 Failure to be a parents. Children as burdens. Being grateful.
43:30 Sarah is badass.
49:15 Sarah's friend can't stop dropping knitting needles.
51:45 Sometimes, the word ambition is a lie. Sarah doesn't need saving.
52:00 Sarah wants a degree. It takes time. Stating passion and purpose. Getting in touch with Sarah. Sarah
is here to help. You cannot manage drug abuse. Stop today.

Email Rob at if you want to connect with Sarah.

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