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Oct 19, 2016

So, Spike and I had so much fun last week that we decided to meet this week and pick up where we left off.  Because of the ADD nature of our conversations, we inevitably hit some cul-de-sacs, but rest assured, this podcast is lengthier and more "important" than the last.  I'm sure you'll dig it, so dive in and enjoy!

0:00 Intro
4:30 Flashers in San Francisco. Surprise! Ohio Players. Aggressively nubian.
6:25 Trump hurts Spike's heart. Guilt of equivalence. College movies.
9:25 Rob joined the Navy. Oliver North. Patriotism.
11:00 Rob dislikes politics. Diversions. Jabba the Trump. Momentary movies.
13:50 Power in politics. 12 year cycles?
15:00 Conspiracy theories. Morals. The Basket of Deplorables. Fallen Catholics!
18:00 Abortion arguments.... hmmm. Respect. Convincing others.
21:50 Yellow Fever. Japan smells like soy sauce. Falling in love. Ramen.
25:30 ....and now the rest of the podcast.
25:50 Movie and TV presidents. Jeff Daniels. The Dead Zone. Martin Sheen.
28:48 R rated movies. Grindhouse. Apocalypse Now.
33:25 Radio Shack. Woody Allen. Spike loves musicals. Rob does not, except Seven Brides for Seven
Brothers. Phantom of the Paradise.
40:00 Drive In Movies. 2001. Friday the 13th. David Lynch. Twin Peaks. Blue Velvet. Dancer in the Dark.
Bjork. Darkness in movies. Casino.
45:20 Tom Leykis. Indonesian floods. Japanese tsunami. Amazed by footage.
50:20 Christmas movies. Spike watches them all year. Kwanzaa.
54:30 Movie remakes. Batman.
57:00 Independent film. Disney.
58:00 Phil Hartman. Snapped. Murder TV. Mental Health. Spike can't do math anymore.
1:02:00 Spike drops the Cancer bomb. Surprise children. Medical marijuana.
1:06:00 Bodily redundancies.
1:08:00 Joy in pregnancy. Loss. Thanksgiving. The Jones brood made Rob happy and complete.
1:14:50 Spike does believe after all. Vasectomies.
1:20:00 Divisive conversations. Rob messed up the question. My Sharona. Great songs. Rob hates The
Who. Keith Moon. Roger Daltry. Rolling Stones. The Beatles.
1:24:30 Rob shares a dream with Spike and world.
1:38:20 Rob believes in Spike.
1:42:15 Dare to be dangerous. Rob is being silly. Windstorms.

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Music provided: Goretex Weather Report by Shining (NOR) 2005