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Oct 12, 2016

This week's podcast is a real get for me.  Due to knowing the "right people" (thanks to Scott Adams), I was able to snag a sit with the radio legend, Spike O'Neill.  Spike has been on the radio/TV/internet for 28+ years and he's amazing.  Quick witted, kind, insane, a tad weird, and more than a little bit dirty, Spike was a joy.  It's my hope I can spend more time with him in the near future, let alone actually convince him to have his own podcast, which HE SHOULD DO.  He's a great guest and a real dude.  I don't know if podcasts get better than this one.  Talk about tangents.....

With that, dig in and enjoy!

0:00 Intro
2:40 Spike believes in murder. A weird day.
3:30 Zach Galifianakis. Distilled. Hillary Clinton. Dangerous comedy. Personas.
7:00 Podcasts allow freedom. Spike loves Larry King. Mechanisms.
10:00 Spike wants back on radio. CBS corporate.
11:00 Spike's daughter in NY. Kids on the other side of the country. Grandchildren.
14:10 Domokun. Japan. Spike needs a new gig. Selling advertising dollars. Opportunities.
15:45 Casey Kasem. Something by the Beatles. Bobby Sherman. Danny Bonaduce.
18:10 Howard Stern. Women. Sucking. Why isn't Spike podcasting?
20:30 The presidential race. Murders. Liberation.
22:30 Bob Rivers retirement. Spike wants new radio opportunity. Body language.
24:00 Early MTV. Al Jarreau. Journey Escape. Cheap Trick. Open Arms. First times.
27:00 Base salary and commission. Health Care. Spike with sports. The 206.
28:40 Rob will produce Spike's show. Rob is awesome.
30:00 Twisted Tunes.
31:30 Spike and the Impalers.
33:00 Spike wanted to audition for AC/DC. Salmon Days. Axl Rose. Being a musician.
37:00 Spike's heart isn't in it.
39:00 Spike's career with Bob Rivers.
43:00 Why do so many radio hosts get fired? Art Bell. Portal to Hell. Being a radio troll.
50:00 Rob working hard to get Spike to podcast.
52:45 Getting press passes. Selling minutes.
55:00 Spike is a bleeding heart liberal. Religion. Being a conservative. Being a liberal.
57:30 Trump's fake prayers. Not taking sides. Sarah Palin.
1:00:45 Carter our best (and weakest) president. Creating peace. Nobody cares.
1:02:50 Being a movie fan. Shawshank Redemption. Fight Club.
1:04:00 Being an amateur. Journey making drummer changes. Jonathan Cain. Deen Castronovo.
1:06:45 Subversive movies. Takashi Miike. Headhunters. Pulp Fiction. Reservoir Dogs. Donnie Darko.
1:12:20 Rambling.
1:13:30 Burning the family home down.
1:17:40 Talking about the dark secrets. Skintight. Pornography.
1:24:00 The Biblical God. Rob loves Grace. Christianity and living within the world. Being a believer. Staying off the fence. Godzilla.
1:30:30 What does Spike want to tell the world?

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