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Sep 28, 2016

Jeff Rogers - The Key is Authenticity

This week's podcast features the experience and vision of Jeff Rogers, the founder/CEO of OneAccord Partners in Kirkland, Wa.  Jeff is the kind of business leader you want and need in your life:  Focused on you (a great listener, BTW) and loaded to the brim with authenticity.  He challenges and raises the bar of many business owners in the world, whether assisting them through a sale or transition, or just influencing as best he can.  He's the real deal.

I encourage you to listen, subscribe and grow.  Jeff is a leader for a reason. Enjoy!

0:00 Intro
3:35 Immediate conversations. Comfort. Best friends. Faith connects us.
5:25 Grip and grin. Connecting at a networking event. Sincerity. Passion. Relational and comfortable. Drummers!
9:00 Insecurity. Lack of Identity. College for his daughter. Olympic athlete in family.
13:10 Confidence tied to latest results. Dad not finding happiness or identity. Forced social constructs.
17:20 What got Jeff here? Jeff's father was a business owner in Seattle.
21:30 The 2000 bubble. Mergers and Acquisitions. September 11th. Job market dried up in Seattle.
23:35 Peer Groups. RSI.
24:50 Jeff decided to contract himself out.... what did that mean? 1 wife, 2 jobs, 3 kids. Steadiness.
26:00 Jeff launched One Accord. Providing Executive Leadership.
28:20 Seattle area has tons of business consultants. Being a niche player.
29:00 One Accord is horrible at consulting. They are multi vertical operaters. Stepping into private business to take operational roles. Seattle isn't just tech heavy. Tons of manufacturing and distribution.
35:00 Rob spotted a Porsche 918 on the way to One Accord. Amazing car. Chris Harris.
36:00 Jeff's dad loved cars. Jeff drives race cars for hobby. 1955 Corvette. 1956 Porsche 356. 1966 Porsche 912
37:30 We are wired in very specific ways. God inspired. Hot Wheels. Jeff loves cars. Rob loves music.
40:35 Meeting desires. Healthy or unhealthy?
41:55 Jeff owns a 1970 T200 Lola. Formula 1 trainers. Sims.
44:00 Community is everything. Competition and friendship.
46:40 97/3 rule: What Jeff doesn't do well? Just thinks he can only do 20% well. Mentorship isn't a word Jeff uses. Humility. Generational learning.
51:38 Jeff tells a story about his company assessing itself. The ending? Wow.
54:50 Authenticity is all.

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OneAccord Partners
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