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Sep 21, 2016

Neither Admand or I know how we originally connected, but here we are, 8 years later, and closer friends than ever.  He's a great guy... gifted as a Financial Advisor (a true fiduciary) and also living life in a pastorship role with his wife and child.  He's a fabulous guy, caring for so many around him. Admand is focused on developing relationships with youth and helping others in stricken countries around the world.  He's a true missionary and he takes that role very seriously.  Whether you are searching for God, or want someone to help you create a feasible retirement plan, you'd be hard pressed to find a better assistant than Admand.  Yes, it is spelled Admand.  Listen to the podcast to discover why.

With that, rock on and know what you hear is the truth... Admand rules.

Dig in!

0:00 Intro
2:50 Admand's kitchen is large. The world's best mentor cup. Rob and Admand met in 2008.
6:40 Rob and Admand know how we exchanged contact information. Not a clue. Nikita Motorin. Athletes In Action. Outreach. Jeff
Jaeger of the Raiders.
9:30 Morning throat. Cloudy morning. Typical Seattle.
11:40 Saving Private Ryan broke Rob's heart. Mourning Dad's death. Getting over loss. Being done with it. Good memories.
15:00 Americana and the expectations of immigrants. Television.
19:00 Being 'Asian.' Value in hard work. Family. Engineering.
21:40 Coming to America. Ending up in Pullman, Wa. Farming towns. Conservative lifestyles. Discovering God and faith.
25:00 Masculinity vs. Femininity. Marriage counseling. Courageous?
30:00 Struggling with overshares. Pornography. Being real. Being better. Marc Maron shares everything.
36:00 Education is everything in Asia. Odd jobs. Truth.
41:00 Hybrid apples. Gonna go to Washington State University.
44:00 Identity.
48:00 How Edmund ended up as Admand. Dad can't spell.
51:30 Proselytizing. His friend wouldn't let up. Flying from Malaysia. Comtemplating life and death. Heaven and Hell. Going to
58:00 Softening hearts. Admand changed. Step father passed away before he could apologize. Living with bitterness.
1:00:00 Spending time with his father. What's App?
1:07:40 The miracle child. Prophecies.
1:14:50 Raising money and animals for families in Haiti. Duct tape wallets.
1:23:00 Pratt Legacy Advisors. Dying to yourself.
1:27:15 Patience. Weakness and strength.
1:31:00 Doing your thing. Purpose and vision. Focus on time and being early. Things are perfect.
1:34:00 Being frustrated and being grateful for opportunities when life gives you lemons. Relational. Love people where they are at.
Wearing your heart on your sleeve. Maturing.
1:42:30 Osaka Expoland. The heart of the child. Purity.
1:45:50 Undiscovered Tribes. Leave them alone.
1:47:35 Integrity Financial and Living Well Family Office.
1:49:35 Fiduciaries. Broker Dealers. Insurance representation. Claims are to protect the company, not the customer.
1:51:20 The Word of God. Finding Truth. Examining the world through the lens of the Bible.

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