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Sep 7, 2016

This week's podcast features the gifted and talented Wynter Rhys, director of The Fawn Response and 5 other short films.  In her scant 17 years, Wynter has directed 6 short features, and is in the process of writing 2 full length feature films. 

Ambitious and motivated, with an amazing head for business, Wynter is attacking her passion with results that rival directors 20 years her senior.  She's an amazing talent, with a passion for intense images and sound design. I cannot wait for you to hear this podcast!  Hang on to your hats...

Just remember you heard about her here first!

0:00 Intro
2:47 Finally meeting Wynter. Winging it. Rob's happy. Wynter rocks.
3:30 Pioneer coffee. Fawn Response. Filming onsite at coffee shop. Noise!
Ice cream machines. 17 year old talent.
5:00 Wynter is young and Rob is envious of Wynter's talent. How it all began.
Driven by art. Had to do it. Apocalypse Now. Influence of parents.
8:00 Rap and Eminem. 1984. Rap isn't Rob's thing.
10:20 Wynter made Little Red. Highway 202. Tollgate Farm. Basement
access and angry farmers. "Get off my lawn." Paying attention to actors and
management of film. The director's job. Wisdom of experience. Jorgen
18:00 Putting yourself out there. Dear Society. Finding extras for a large
crowd scene. Wynter signs autographs.
23:00 Wynter is on her 6th film. Fawn Response is breaking her. Youth
festivals. Serial killers meeting over coffee.
25:00 Wynter is different. Mature. Focused. ADD and OCD. Fearlessness
and intensity. Being real. Her story. Subject 11. True story. Rob gets the
breaking story. Verbatim.
32:00 People do horrible things to each other. Catharsis. Ideas. David Lynch
and Blue Velvet. Rape and murder and the darkness and damage. Mel
Brooks. Jimmy Stewart from Mars. Embracing dreams and ideas.
34:40 Torture Porn in movies. Eli Roth.
37:50 Strongholds. Biblical perspective. Sins of the father.
41:20 Suicide in film. German expressionism. Being recognized as a director.
45:15 Kids. White girl. Sex and rock and roll. Larry Clark. Harmony Korine.
47:00 Getting releases to private stories.
50:00 80/20 rule 95/5 rule 97/3 rule. Everyone needs somebody.
52:30 Creating sound design. Star Wars. Replacing organic sounds with
mechanical sounds.
57:00 Takashi Miike. Ichi the Killer. Happiness of the Katakuri's. Audition.
1:04:20 Wynter's BIG film, The Id. She knows what she wants and someday
you'll see it. Private investors.
1:08:20 Wynter is her real name. Native American. Welsh roots as well.
Facebook pages. Instagram.

Find out more about Wynter here!
Check out Little Red here!