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Aug 17, 2016

This week's podcast features my friend, Garrick Pang, from the Seattle area non-profit. Stronger Families gives hope to families around the world, at the same time reaching into the lives of military veterans and the unique challenges they face. 

Garrick and I enjoyed a nice 90 minutes of random conversations and personal reveals I admit I wasn't really expecting, yet have disclosed to you, the listener, today.  I hope you still want to be friends!

Enjoy the podcast. Dig in and enjoy!

02:20 Garrick had a radio show, for a week. KGNW 820.
03:45 Rob McKenna. Susan Hutchinson. Interviews.
04:40 Nervous energy.
05:30 Where Garrick started. Mean Rob. Leaving Garrick to twist. Bombing.
Bellevue, Wa. White suburbs. Garrick loves Soccer. SPU. National
championships. Friendship at college. England. EFA. Met wife in England.
Pressures of life. Competed at professional level. Cosmos. NASL.
11:15 Mother Chinese. Father from Mississippi. Transcontinental railroad.
Climate and topography. Houston to Florida. Seattle. Bruce Lee.
13:15: Martial arts. Green belt. Shudokan karate.
14:45 Lead pastor at Delta. Rob makes Garrick uncomfortable. Garrick
doesn't like talking about being a pastor. Closeted. PNW preconceived notions.
TVland. Impastor. Being real. Jesus and the religious community. Don't
sanitize. Farce. Dichotomy of walking and talking as a Christian.
21:00 The mission of Stronger Families. Millennials. Healthy arguments.
Engagement. Things get messy. Uniqueness. Culture. Stress and tension.
Rob fails all the time. Brokenness. Pornography. Strongholds. Terry Cruz. Old
Spice commercials. Struggles. Owning your problems.
27:20 Garrick and wife. Kids in grownup bodies. 3 children. House and cars.
30:55 Rob loses train of thought. People are people. We don't change, but we
need to accept who we are and who others are.
32:40 Rob's pet peeve. Non-negotiables. OCD issues. Are they really? should
36:00 Sleeping in own bed. Weather in Chicago. Parent's divorcing. Faith.
Roma Downey. National Prayer Breakfast.
40:50 Sunday School
43:10 Stronger Families. Mission. Military. PTSD. Infidelity. Strategic
partnerships. Founded by former Seahawks QB, Jeff Kemp. Washington
Family Council. 24 years lobbying support of marriage. Mission Statement.
Garrick has been on staff for 5 years. Non profit. Partnered with USO. Grant
relationships. Troops come for free.
56:10 Oxygen 365. 7 day love challenge. Podcast available (Oxygen365 Show)
Faith neutral. Practical skills.
1:04:10 Be the best you can. Beautiful marriages. Jesus' life. Gospels. Messiah
didn't burn things down. Rob struggles with the term "Christian."
1:10:00 Pulling the uncomfortable things out of the Bible. Doesn't God dig us?
Pious? No.
1:12:00 Performance reality. The struggle of meeting the "Christian" standard.
1:14:00 Rob shares a 'dream' he had about his former marriage. Jesus is a
tenor. Wanting the wrong things. Being a better husband and father. Tomoko is
the bomb. There are no accidents.
1:21:45 Rob is humbled by Garrick. Go all in. Be real at all costs. I know it's
hard, but you can do it. Be transparent.
1:25:00 Not pursuing higher education. College. Autism spectrum.
1:27:40 Garrick's upcoming book. Gary Vaynerchuk. Find your purpose.
Playing video games. Set aside time for family.
1:31:15 Going all in with a vision. Encouraging your friends. Quit chasing the
culture. Do what you are made for. We are His masterpiece.

Oxygen 365 (relationship counselling and podcast)
Stronger Families
Garrick's Home Church

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