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Aug 9, 2016

This week's podcast is about my father, the late Robert L Jones Sr. who departed this mortal coil at 7pm on August 2nd, 2016.  

This podcast discusses his early years, the struggles with family, his older sister dying, his marriage, his years moving and working in towns with funny names, like Chehalis, Wenatchee, Tonasket, Yakima, and Olympia.  We visited Lake Chelan.  We almost died boating.  We almost died moving.  We almost died in a head on car accident outside of Yelm, Wa.  Basically, we almost died a lot.

I also discuss his last 25 years living in Ocean Shores, Wa with my mother, and the toll life took on him.

Lastly, it wasn't lost on me that the very thing my dad had always looked for to fill the hole in his life was always right in front of him.  He figured that out, and I couldn't be happier about that.

I will miss him like no other, and I hope you enjoy this insight into the man that made me what I am.  I apologize for the salty dialogue in advance, and I truly thank you for listening to this memorial by yours truly.  

I love you, Dad.  Thank you for making me, me. You are the definition of a Superhero.

"Even the Stars" was generously made available for use to the podcast by Rafe Pearlman and Jonathan Plum.  Even the Stars is the first track from the 2013 release, Dust & Gold (Pearlman, Plum) 

Even The Stars on Youtube