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May 8, 2018

I met Brian in 2003 at a Roller coaster convention.  Yes, there are actually Roller coaster conventions and yes, it's embarrassing to be a part of them.  Turns out Brian was an upcoming Hollywood producer and I had no idea.  When you don't know, you just become friends, and friends we are.  15 years later, we are still close and enjoy this conversation of random topics and some back history.  Won't you join us?



STITCHER - know you want to.  You can share too.  I'll let you.

0:00 Intro
2:20 Rollercoasters. Holiday World. Accidents. Staying
5:40 Dreamworks. Veggie Tales. Production. Animation.
8:05 Singapore. China. Tokyo. Making deals.
10:50 Stable careers.
13:40 Theme Designer. Moving up the chain. Doing voices.
17:15 Hollywood. The other Brian.
20:15 Culture changes. Leaving the South to Los Angeles.
24:20 Keeping egos in check. Glendale.
28:00 Great TV. Better writing. Creative freedom. Netflix.
31:00 Batman reimagined. The Punisher. Jon Bernthal.
34:15 Creative sandbox. Mandates. Religion and scripts.
39:30 Meaningful conversations.
42:00 The meaning of success in America.
44:35 Doing what you were made for?
47:30 Loving what you do. Dry cleaner loves his gig.
50:20 Wanting something that you don't know. Notoriety.
52:50 Random singers from the audience. Sarah Horn.
54:10 Being ready for the moment.
55:20 18 Questions for Brian.
1:08:00 Loving unconditionally.

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