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Nov 27, 2016

Dissona is a progressive metal band from the Chicago area.  Don't you dare call them progressive metal, though.  Truth is, Dissona isn't sure how you would quantify them, but I can tell you that they are great.  Musically proficient and kind, the guys gave me an hour to annoy and question them.  For that alone, I am humbled.  

Make sure you check them out, if you're in the Chicago area, or when they head back out on tour.  I'm positive big things are coming for them. With this level of talent, it's when, not if.

Dig in and enjoy!

0:00 Intro
1:30 Band introductions for Rob. How to pronounce.
2:50 Venues and touring with Leprous. Rain. Canadian response.
4:50 How did they get this tour? Earthside.
7:00 Playing another drummer's set.
8:30 Doing a great job.
10:00 Discovering music and each other.
11:30 Drew is a jazz and session guy.
13:45 The state of the music business.
17:00 Dissona can't be labelled.
18:00 Influences. Mars Volta. Fall of Troy. Protest the Hero.
27:30 Peter Gabriel. Orange Goblin. Clutch.
29:20 Songwriting. Matt and Dave. Ideas to be changed. Evolution.
33:00 Writing new material.
35:00 Dissona isn't looking to add players.
37:20 Outdoing ourselves.
38:40 Kansas and train horns. Kerry Livgren. Pressure to create and make a hit.
42:20 Tony Williams and Terry Bozzio.
43:30 Shining and Twelve Foot Ninja.
45:20 Taking a long time between records.
48:00 Paleopneumatic. Great record.
50:00 Washington state and marijuana. Great sandwiches
52:00 Listen to Dissona and don't steal their music.
53:00 ODIUM by Dissona.

Dissona's Bandcamp page
Official Website
Dissona Patreon page


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