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Nov 13, 2016

This week's podcast is with the iconic Seattle rock group, Windowpane. Ever wanted to know what it's like to be a band for the greater part of 2 decades and wonder if your breakthrough is ever going to come? This interview gets you under the skin of the scenario. I'm pleased to know them and share their story with you.

They are on the cusp of international success and fame. Most bands would have quit by now. Not Windowpane. Ever.

Dig it.

0:00 Intro
1:52 Glenn tells me to cheek the microphone. Small talk.
3:20 Rob got old. Windowpane is cool. Being Depp-esque. Big in Seattle. Killer bands.
5:00 Overnight success, my ass. Rick Astley from the South. Jewish Mother. USNavy. Virginia Beach.
8:45 Kidney Stones.
10:30 Falling in love with music. Pursuing the craft. Bohemian Rhapsody. Stunt guitars.
16:00 Tony joined after Saqqara. Dan Reed Network. Portland local. Prince. Songwriting is everything.
19:00 Songwriting for Glenn. 3 piece bands. Hard to do. Limited opportunities. Tony is a badass guitarist.
23:30 Packing the Showbox. Getting KISW to back the band. Newest album.
26:00 Marketing on Facebook.
28:00 Not taking advantage of radio stations. Live Day.
34:00 Gotta make money for someone else first.
36:00 Tony taking Windowpane to the next level via Social Networking. Merchandise. Myspace. Facebook. Parameters.
40:00 Mark arrives.
48:45 Best band in the basement. One million emails.
54:00 Recording to two inch. Kickstarter via fanbase. London Bridge Studio. Jonathan Plum.
54:30 The documentary.
57:00 Fans of the band. Writing to the fans. Playing for themselves.
1:00:00 Discovering Windowpane. Five Finger Death Punch. Soulfly. Queensryche.
1:01:20 Glenn swears a lot.
1:03:50 Buying a ticket to the Titanic.
1:07:20 Tours are expensive. Respect. Guaranteeing revenue. Ticket sales. Love from new fans. Validation.
1:12:20 What else does it take to get to the next level? A&R resurgence?
1:15:15 Playing with your musical heroes. Great unknown musicians. Lightning striking.
1:19:45 What's next? Growing beyond the market. Sustainable and grassroots growth.
1:28:00 WORK HARD.

Windowpane website

Windowpane Documentary

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