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Jul 20, 2016

This week's podcast features my old friend, Kevin Lynch, who is currently running the Quell Foundation in Falmouth, MA.  Kevin is a purposeful man, committed to finding a way to remove the mask from the stigma of mental illness.  His own personal dealings with mental illness drove Kevin to start the foundation and it's clear this is his calling.  In only 6 months of building the brand and non-profit, Kevin was a featured speaker at the White House.

It's my hope his story will inspire and challenge you.  In addition, it may be valuable simply to better understand how mental illness may be affecting the fringes of your life.  If it's true that 1 in 4 people are diagnosed with mental illness (and improper diagnosis notwithstanding), we know a lot of people who struggle with the disease.  Perhaps you, the listener, does as well.  Quell is here to help.

Learn more about Quell here!

Kevin's mask!

Enjoy the podcast.  Dig in!

01:25 USS Andrew Jackson SSBN 619 . Kevin did 12 years in the US Navy. Bubbleheads!
02:10 Why living in Florida. Working at hospital 16 years. Finance and operations. Spreadsheets.
03:00 45 years old and no degree. Heading off to college.
04:20 Friends from the submarine force. Command Master Chief! Weird times. Great friends. Blue collar.
COB. Rob's dad. Moving a lot in life. Forces you to connect. Get grounded and grow roots?
08:00 Rob auditioning for the Navy Band. Failing and trying again. Taking things for granted.
12:25 Why the medical, healthcare field. Wedding cakes! Master chef, Kevin. Graduating college.
14:40 Kevin's son. Drug use. Prison. Taking care of his boy. Bi-Polar. Meds. Heroin. Violated probation
17:00 Criminalizing drug use.
19:00 Not enough care givers in mental health space.
26:50 Social anxiety. PTSD.
27:15 Kevin's son going back to prison. Boston Globe. Spotlight. Academy award winner. Mental health issues.
29:20 Why Quell Foundation. How did Kevin end up at the White House? Quell brings balance to chaos.
35:00 Why branding with Q's and K's matter. Sorry Jesus.
35:50 Open to having a hospital? Frances Farmer at Western State Hospital. Hysterical events. Rob's grandfather died there. Excessive drugs.
40:00 Developing a training program for first responders.
47:00 1 in 4 Americans are medicated for a mental illness.
52:50 All social classes have mental illness. PTSD again. State troopers. Crime scenes. Expert witnesses. Processing disturbing events in life. Walking dogs.
58:30 Being paralyzed by sadness. No pictures of son in office.
1:03:15 What do we do with the knowledge we have? How do we keep our loved ones safe?
1:06:00 Letting a loved one be. Fathers and mothers want to help. Societal expectations. Guilt.
1:10:00 Quell Foundation events. Masquerade ball. Auction items. Muhammad Ali gloves!
1:13:20 Myles Munroe. Bahamanian public speaker. Pastor. Tony Robbins. Passion and purpose.
1:17:10 Entertainers. Marc Maron. Demi Lovato. Richard Dreyfuss. Robin Williams. Lewy Body Syndrome.
1:20:10 1 in 4 across the world. China. 1.5 billion with mental illness. Rural concerns.
1:23:20 How can you help? US Bank. Looking for national organization. Aetna. Humana. Putting kids into college. First responders, especially people who died in Dallas. Baton Rouge. Paris, France.
1:29:00 Quell Foundation party. Buzzards Bay. Falmouth. Woods Hole. DSRV. 8000 meters.
1:30:15 Test depth on a submarine. Back to periscope depth. Packing blown.
1:31:00 Needle in your ear? Nope. You're gonna die. Escape hatch is just for your mother. Rare group of people.
1:33:00 Stereotypes suck. People are lovely. Stop judging based on stereotypes.
1:37:50 Support Quell. Kevin's dog broke stuff.

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