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Jul 9, 2016

This week's guest is the supremely talented multi instrumentalist, Jørgen Munkeby. 

Jørgen and I discussed his entire life, including college, how to score credits faster, what lead to his musical development, the success of Shining, and what's next for this creative force.  

You'll hear the stories and exploits of Shining at Trolltunga, Los Angeles, the Mojave Desert, the streets of Oslo and beyond.  Learn why Shining is so popular in Europe and how they remain virtually unknown elsewhere in the world.

It was a fun interview and 90 minutes of complete gushing bliss for me, a huge fan of the band and the man!  Make sure you check out the band at their website, Youtube, Amazon, or anywhere else you get digital media.  It's awesome, challenging stuff.

Dig in!

Check out Jorgen's personal site!

Check out Shining here!

4:40 Lived in Norway's oldest city. Vikings and shit. Then, Oslo for college
5:49 College life. Playing in bands for college credit. Pedagogical studies.
14:22 Jaga Jazzist, 14 years old, first real gig.
15:30 Shining started. Started street theater group. Energetic Gypsy music!
20:00 Shining evolution and process. The hybrid called Blackjazz.
27:25 Music can be a straightjacket. Pitchfork loves Shining. Best new music. NY Times. More Blackjazz.
41:15 Give us Fisheye!
44:35 Jørgen has made a singular thing. Making your mark.
47:14 The last record: International Blackjazz Society. The Last Stand live in studio.
48:30 Changes to Shining. Why the changes over the years? Musical direction? Personalities?
55:10 Keeping emotions in check. Never fired anyone from band.
56:50 Writing with others in the band. New positivity.
1:00:20 Wanting the 'feeling' of a band. Farting.
1:01:00 Performances under extreme duress. Oslo studio. Mojave Desert.
1:04:40 Trolltunga. The process and the experience.
1:10:05 The new record: International Blackjazz Society. The details. New directions. House of Control.
1:17:15 Why all the production work in Los Angeles?
1:26:50 What's next for Jørgen and Shining? The website. Blackjazz session work. Headliner tour coming in Fall 2016. Working on new music. Next project out hopefully late 2017.

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