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May 21, 2017

Every so often, I'm blessed with a fabulous guest that belies expectations.  This week on the show, I have a chance to meet and chat with one of my favorite singers, Jim Grey, from Caligula's Horse.  I love love love this band.  I mean, I love them.  Like LOVE them.  Did I mention that I love them?  Yeah, that.  

Jim was a humorous, engaging gentleman.  His whole style, his demeanor and skills are just so amazing in juxtaposition to what music surrounds him.  I love this band.  I can't stop saying it.  

Check out the song at the end of the show.  It's called Marigold.  Then, go out and buy Bloom...and the upcoming new album, and their entire catalog. Go now. You deserve a treat and......... don't steal!


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0:00 Intro to Jim Grey of Caligula's Horse
1:35 Rob is honored. Munkeby is a friend. Jim prefers slippers.
Australian winter.
3:30 Rob loves Jim's voice. Original sound and control. Band fits
around his voice. The superhero voice.
4:30 Sam is the mastermind. Writing process. Composing the voice
in mind. Natural tenor. Jim sang in a cathedral choir.
8:20 Offensive words. Anathema album leaked online.
10:00 Turntail. Rob sings terribly. Dense harmonies.
12:00 Writing art. Smooth voices.
14:40 A heavy journey.
16:50 New album and drum sessions.
18:30 The new drummer.
20:30 New sound is purely Caligula's Horse.
22:50 Caligula's Horse isn't on Patreon. Jim wasting time? Brisbane.
25:50 Life centered around family.
28:30 Leading with the heart. Teaching vocal lessons is about money.
31:40 Dangerous animals in Australia.
34:00 The voice of the music. Concept art.
36:20 Korn is nu-metal. Linkin Park. Irony?
38:40 Hidden messages in songs. Inspiring expression.
42:00 Rob complaining about sun. Can't talk straight. Embarrassed.
46:50 Sales don't equate to success. Touring to make money?
52:00 17 Questions with Jim Grey.
1:05:35 Caligula's Horse - Marigold


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