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Apr 9, 2017

This episode of the Rockstar Superhero podcast features Sam Fishman, the drummer of the well known "most patriotic band in the world," Madison Rising.

Sam came to me via another great friend from the midwest and I had a great time chatting. Sam is a very talented drummer, full of great groove and completely plays for the song. A great guy and fun personality, I found the best part was asking about his personal life and his passions. Like yours truly, Sam loves roller coasters. This makes liking him that much easier!

With that, I hope you'll love meeting him as much as I did and I highly encourage you to check out Madison Rising on tour, on digital media, and everywhere else you can check them out! They are great.

Enjoy the podcast and please SUBSCRIBE and share with friends!

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0:00 Intro - the Passion Project.
2:50 Welcome to Sam Fishman. Sean Flaharty. Rollercoasters. Holiday World.
8:10 Coaster hobby and ranking coasters. Legend. Raven. Voyage. Intensity off the charts.
11:30 Madison Rising. How did it come about? Sam is an original member.
14:20 Christian hypocrite! Polarizing lyrics and challenges. Making waves.
18:40 Who owns the band? Producer teams. Boy band dynamic.
22:00 Worth your salt. Artistry. Evolving and satisfaction.
24:20 The evolving sound of Madison Rising. Deftones? Moving on from band members who don't fit?
27:00 What's coming up this summer?
29:55 Rob won't edit, so there.
32:30 Non profits. Taxes and business dealings.
35:20 The next album. Looking for cohesion.
38:20 Bruno Mars. Stone Temple Pilots.
40:40 Backlash from NASCAR and Star Spangled Banner.
45:00 Starting on drums. Dennis Chambers. Steve Gadd. Brann Dailor.
49:00 Wolves in the Throne Room. Twelve Foot Ninja. Caligula's Horse. Shining of Norway. Frost from London. Jem Godfrey.
55:00 What is it like to be Sam Fishman?
1:01:10 Endorsement with Regal Tip!
1:05:00 Playing Rogers drums at home. Touring with Tama Imperial Star.
1:07:00 Bringing on the weird with 17 questions.
1:24:30 Living a fully formed life.
1:31:00 The Puyallup Fair. PNE Vancouver.
1:32:50 Madison Rising: WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

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