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Dec 4, 2016

Do you want to learn the secret to being an amazing human being and business professional all while living a life of quality?

I got some first hand insight into 'what it takes' and I encourage you to listen to the entirety of this week's podcast.

Dr. Ken Barrett has some amazing secret sauce and he gives us a tiny bit today, at least enough to get you to come back for more....I'm sure you'll love what Dr. Ken has to say and I hope you'll give him a shout to learn more about what he can bring to your own table.

Personal or professional, Dr. Ken has the goods.

Dig. Share. Enjoy.

0:00 Intro
1:45 Where we met. Rockstar Superhero Institute.
3:30 Dr. Ken's breakthrough story. Car accident. Being weightless. Walked away.
6:20 Head on accidents and voices.
7:50 Keeping stuff from your parents and friends.
11:14 Dr. Ken's childhood. Normalcy. Martial arts.
15:40 College experiences.
17:00 People can be programmed. Positive reinforcement.
18:30 Being Buddhist and Jewish.
19:41 Success and the path.
23:10 Energy.
26:00 Using a smile to influence. Mindset mastery.
28:20 Toxic mindsets.
35:00 Rob had a failed mindset. Accepting responsibility.
38:10 The fake smile.
40:00 Giving circumstances power. Second careers.
42:48 Prejudice. Subconscious discrimination.
45:05 Ken has a gift. Believing in God.
47:00 Wealth creation.
49:28 Contacting Dr. Ken.
51:00 Face to face conversations not needed.
52:50 Sound travels faster than light. Processing.

Dr. Ken's website

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