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Jul 16, 2016

This week's podcast features the intense and soft spoken Brian Dickinson.  Brian is a world renowned mountaineer, has completed the legendary Seven Summits, is a published author, and a survivor of a costly ordeal at the top of Mount Everest in 2011, where he nearly lost his life forced to descend snowblind and competely alone. An account of that ordeal can be found in the cautionary tale, Blind Descent, available on Brian's site and

Brian's story is far more appealing considering what he has accomplished with his life following this near tragedy.  Today, Brian lives in the Snoqualmie Valley, travels the world sharing his story and faith, and spends every moment embracing his second chance with family and friends.  

He's a great guy and I hope you can meet him at a speaking function in the near future.  In the meantime, check out the interview.  I think it's pretty good!

Dig in!

Buy Blind Descent here!

1:25 Rob's getting chubby. Stress eating. 2 liters of Coke!
2:50 Tiger Mountain. P90X. Don't start a diet while starting a company. The interview isn't about Rob.
4:20 Podcast is ideal for a guy like Brian. Climbed 7 major summits.
5:08 Personally driven. Pro Bowl guy. 1%er of a 1%er. Ambition. Now what? Transformed and belief. Faith.
6:20 Jorgen Munkeby. Shining. Being real despite differences in faith and life.
7:12 Growing up in Rogue River Oregon. Influences of a small town. 69 students in graduating class.
8:55 Where is Rogue River. Crater Lake. Medford. Grants Pass. Gold Beach. MTB trails.
11:18 No Toys R Us.
11:35 Daydreaming? Brian multitasks. Excelled at Soccer. Navy Soccer team.
12:27 Helicopter parents. Vicarious living. Lessons!
12:45 US Navy. Enlisted. Air Rescue Swimmer. Helicopters. Saved pilots. Operation Southern Watch. USS
Constellation. Combat Search and Rescue. BUDS?
13:35 Rescue swimmer school. AW rate. Best to go to military school before attempt at BUDS. Submarines.  Bad landings. Medivacs. F18 missed landing at night. Iraqi boat crew eaten by sharks. 6 years service. Torn ACL.
19:30 Everest. His experience. His book. BUY THE BOOK! So good.
30:00 What other climbing encounters have you experienced? Denali is frustrating.
32:00 There is no adrenaline in the death zones. Common misconceptions of mountaineering. Snowboarding.
Split board. Mountain biking. Open for a challenge. Calculated Risks.
34:18 Reaching the top of the mountain isn't the goal. It's getting home. The experience. Wired to climb.
36:26 Compelled to lead people to Christ. Becoming a priest of climbing.
38:25 Film work, CNN, Good Morning America. Filming for Kingdom Works Studios. Marriage. Struggles.
40:12 How did your experience affect your family?
43:50 What are you doing now? Living in the Cascades. Going up Rainier. Former Navy. Never underestimate anything.
45:00 What aren't you good at? Getting sick. Brian is a baby!
49:15 Myles Munroe. Passion and purpose. Business plans. Making a difference. One shot at this life. God has created us as we are. Wired specifically. Give back at micro and macro levels.
53:00 Why did he survive? Survivors guilt. PTSD. Assess the situation. Faith and focus.

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