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Jul 13, 2016

This week's podcast features my friend and mentor Kim Ann Curtin.  Kim is known as the Wall Street Coach and is well known author, especially among the NYC cognoscenti.  Kim offers mastermind coaching for Finance Executives, Fortune 500 companies and start up ventures.

In 2015, Kim released the book, Transforming Wall Street, which is a treatise on the state of the 'street' today after the financial debacle of the 2008-2009 era. Her book asks the question if it's possible for money managers to operate in this new challenging financial environment in both moral and ethical ways.  This is the new dilemma.  How do we do this exactly?  Kim's book gives fascinating insight into the 'new street.'

We talk about childhood influences, favorite books, authors, movies, and where just exactly we are in the world today.  

She's funny and kind.  Would you believe she's a great singer too?  Yep.... it's true, so dig in!

Buy her book here!

1:20 Born in Brooklyn, impact of neighborhood, Herman's deli, village feeling.
4:45 Kim's childhood reading list. Harriet the Spy. Calling the police. Bad Kim!
12:00 The Three Investigators. Alfred Hitchcock. Scooby Doo.
15:05 Deadpool! (I forgot, so sue me) "Are you there God, it's me Margaret!"
18:10 The current problem, or not, with public libraries.
21:50 Television of our youth, the 1970's, Battlestar Galactica
27:30 Kim sings and formed a band! Really!
39:00 Kim loves Carole King and Earth Wind & Fire. The 70's rule.
40:30 Talking about the book, Transforming Wall Street. The interview format. Barry Ritholz. Joshua Brown. Goto. What happened at the crossroads when IEX helped clients and took the high road. Conscious choice.
47:00 Cultural expectations of success within the finance space.
52:40 Fraud in the industry. Mortgage. Why isn't there an Angie's list for financial firms?
59:00 The worst of what we are capable of. People are scared. Time of more consciousness.
1:02:00 Nobody really pays attention because they are robbed of their political voice.
1:04:20 People are evolving and access to technology. Would we revere WW2 with social networks available to us?
1:08:40 Kim is selfless and you should hire her. She loves. She listens. She empowers and mentors. Hire her!

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